AUGMENTe TechStudio is a visionary software development company with fixed core values and a core purpose we keep firmly in sight while navigating the constantly changing world of retail commerce.

We have a vision for rapidly developing Mobile Technology to be the focal point for a new paradigm for business -- Holistic Commerce. With the exploding population of mobile, internet savvy people we see a way to put the customer in charge of his own purchasing information gathering and decision making.

This new "High Tech-High Touch" concept will enable the consumer and seller to communicate in ways never before possible. Using their mobile devices, customers can now reach out to target exactly the product information they are interested in, try them out, share and compare that product information while concurrently traveling all the lines of mobile, internet and store mediums. Using all three seamlessly, they can now benefit themselves with an effortless and entertaining shopping experience.

Our clients can completely transform their customer's experience while reducing their overhead and complexity to achieve greater ROI.

Holistic Media enables a dramatic new sales and communication paradigm that brings new dimensions of customer entertainment, engagement and data feed-back -- Customer Centric Commerce!


Holistic Media

Holistic Media transforms any augmented print or product into the digital format of your choice, including audio, video or a variety of other options. This cutting edge AR technology has made possible the evolution of Omni-Channel Commerce to Customer Centric Holistic Commerce.

It is the ultimate medium to entertain and engage consumers by using augmented products or advertisements to replicate the in-store experience anytime, anyplace.

It collects, refines and analyzes real time data feedback to develop customer insight which dramatically increases sales and loyalty.

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Holistic Media Mobile App (Product Add On)

  • Print Augmentation

    Holistic Print Augmentation is our original add-on for any of our three core Holistic Media products. It takes the Holistic CX Solutions Suite to the next level by compacting print media such as magazines, brochures and catalogues into any mobile device and dramatically increasing the scope and depth of that media. Holistic Print Augmentation opens the door to endless advertising opportunities, including all the standard features of Holistic Media and endless media channel communication opportunities.

    Each and every ad within your piece of media opens the door to a completely new augmented interactive experience. Holistic Print Augmentation also leads to data your competitors won’t have including up to thousands of potential variables related to how your customers purchase, what they purchase and how you can enhance their experience.

    This product leverages print like never before.

  • Product Augmentation

    Holistic Product Augmentation is a value-add product that augments any physical product or item to texture the customer experience by connecting customers to the virtual world. From promotional items to packaging to the product you are selling, Holistic Product Augmentation puts your product into a virtual environment using the symbolism and general media representation you prefer. Access any product virtually and show your shoppers what you want to show them as well as how you want to display the product. Holistic Product Augmentation not only collects product data like never before, but also creates the opportunity for cutting edge customer psychology measurements. That way, your customers achieve an experience unlike any other and you achieve sales using methods that are unmatched and impossible to compete with.

    Holistic Product Augmentation actually allows the product to advertise itself.

  • Near Me Alert - iBeacon

    Holistic iBeacon is a value-add that provides multiple opportunities for organizations to play in the same technological ballpark as some of the largest, well-known and fastest growing companies in the world.

    It is a next generation device that notifies customers of descriptive information and promotional offers. These features include such things as in-store maps capable of locating exact products, automatic payment without associate assistance, instant coupon offers, heightened associate support for customers when needed. This makes shopping much more enjoyable and efficient.

    The use of these features are all tracked and analyzed. This assists and simplifies strategic management by determining the best possible options to balance cost and price en route to better ROI.

  • Push Notification Geo-fencing

    Holistic Geo-fencing is a value-add product that targets customers based on area and location like never before, opening the door to a completely new way of communicating directly with the customer. Geo-fencing targets customers specifically based on location, triggering planned messages based on location by using GPS technologies. These messages can include targeted offers such as coupons, flyers, and booklets, as well as targeted message push notifications ranging from welcome messages to service offerings to sales, birthdays, emergency messages and more. It even allows for methodical targeted campaigns that layer and stack messages with utmost precision, and can incorporate local customs, dates, and language preferences into your sales offer mix.

    Geo-fencing is the ultimate in-touch communication method for people in a particular geographic area.

Print Augmentation
Product Augmentation
Near Me Alert - iBeacon
Push Notification


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